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Our certified teacher-librarians are highly skilled at delivering our engaging and student-centered lessons remotely. These lessons comprise a wide range of research skills that prepare students to become competent consumers and creators of information. Through the teacher request form available on the customized website we create for your school, teachers may request any of the following ten lessons. We are also open to specific requests and are happy to create new lessons to support the needs of your teachers and students.

Lesson 1: Evaluating the Credibility of Online Sources

This lesson provides students with the knowledge and tools to effectively determine whether an online source is trustworthy.

Lesson 3: Creating Citations and Avoiding Plagiarism

This lesson focuses on how to create citations in a specific style (MLA, APA, or Chicago) as well as when and why they are necessary.

Lesson 5: Developing a Research Topic

This lesson explores how to narrow down a broad research topic and transform it into a research question.

Lesson 2: Search Strategies and Tips

This lesson provides students with strategies and tips they can use to efficiently search for information in databases or online.

Lesson 4: Exploring Note-taking Methods

This lesson focuses on how and when to use four common note-taking methods. It also includes advanced note-taking tips and techniques.

Additional Lessons

We also offer lessons on the following topics: Writing an Annotated Bibliography, Engaging with Scholarly Articles, Understanding and Identifying Media Bias, Distinguishing Between Primary and Secondary Sources, and AI and Plagiarism.

What Our Clients Say

Classroom Lecture

Eric, Assistant Principal

"My teachers love having access to DigiLib's lessons. They make all of their research units run much more smoothly, as students more confidently and competently make their way through each step in the research process."
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